Greetings!  Without knowing you yet, I can only guess that you happened upon this blog because something about either biblio or parenting or the combination thereof piqued your interest.

Please, allow me to elaborate…


My son, Ryan, at the Stone Quarry Hill Art Park in Cazenovia, NY.

Quite simply, biblio refers to reading and/or books.

The digital age has presented bibliophiles, like myself, have countless opportunities to connect with each other and all things related to books.  I, personally, am addicted to Goodreads and use it to keep track of my own reading, my children’s reading, and to guide my purchasing decisions for my two school libraries.

I am currently the sole librarian in a small, rural school district and manage both the elementary school library (PreK-6) and the junior/senior high school library (7-12).  While I will admit that meeting the library-related needs of all the students and educators in both buildings is not an easy task, I love my job and truly value watching each and every student grow and learn.


A not-so-perfect parenting moment mere days before the boys turned one!

The concept of parenting is a bit more complex.

Numerous excellent, research-based, accessible, entertaining parenting blogs are already in existence.  A bounty of tips on raising offspring at any age in the modern day are digitally available to every parent.  I am quite certain that you do not need me to recommend specific parenting blogs to you, though I will mention that I am often inspired by the writers at No Time For Flashcards and both entertained and reassured that parenting doesn’t have to be perfect by the writers at Scary Mommy.

My parenting is far from perfect.  Raising twins was far more challenging than my husband and I ever could have dreamed!  And, more rewarding… And, more entertaining… And, more exhausting… (Are you sensing the theme here?)


My husband, Dave, really is a very good sport.

or (perhaps) the trendier, biblio|parenting, is…

  • a veritable mashup of these two ideas 
  • a literary lens to frame the joys and challenges of raising children
  • what happens when a school librarian gives birth to twins

In truth, this blog intended to share the parenting pearls of wisdom (or perhaps, only fool’s gold?) I have gleaned via personal experience, talking to other parents, or reading online.

I hope to inspire, or at least entertain, those out there interested in exploring ideas related to parenting through print.


parenting through print


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